No. 2057 Leather Tool Bag


  • Durable Construction: The Leather Tool Bag is made from rugged full-grain leather, hand-stitched, and secured with sturdy brass rivets for lasting quality.
  • Practical Features: With a solid brass buckle closure and a heavy-duty handle, this bag is not only durable but also easy to carry, even in tough conditions.
  • Aging Beauty: Crafted from full-grain veg-tan leather, the bag develops a unique copper patina over time, creating a personalized appearance that tells a story of its adventures.


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The No. 2057 Leather Tool Bag is a testament to craftsmanship and durability. Made from rugged 10 oz. full-grain leather, this bag is not only stylish but built to endure the test of time. Each bag is meticulously hand-stitched and secured with sturdy brass rivets, ensuring a solid and reliable construction.

The bag features a solid brass buckle as its closure mechanism, adding to its durability and aesthetics. Additionally, the heavy-duty carrying handle further enhances its functionality, making it easy to transport and handle even in rough conditions.

One of the remarkable aspects of this bag is its unique aging process. Crafted from full-grain veg-tan leather, it may not reveal its full beauty on the first day. Over time, it eagerly absorbs raindrops, oils from your hands, and accidental spills, gradually developing a captivating copper patina. This natural transformation adds to its charm, creating a distinctive and personalized appearance as it’s exposed to light and sun.

In summary, the No. 2057 Leather Tool Bag is not just a functional tool bag but a work of art that improves with age, telling a story through its patina and reflecting the adventures it has been a part of.


  • Tools
  • Picnic
  • Shooting range
  • Books
  • Camera gear
  • Overnight bag

Dimensions (L x W x D)
Length 13.5″ x Width 7.5″ x Depth 8.5″

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