No. 1617 Field Notes Notebook Cover


• Durable Craftsmanship: Meticulously crafted from Wickett & Craig full-grain English bridle leather, it ensures lasting durability and is a reliable companion for the adventurous biker.
• Versatile Functionality: With four card slots and two interior pockets, this cover is a protective casing for your Field Notes notebook and a practical travel log. Its versatile design caters to the needs of bikers navigating scenic routes.
• Lifetime Guarantee: Backed by a lifetime guarantee, we stand by the exceptional quality of every Notebook Cover we create. Join the league of adventurous bikers confidently documenting their journeys, knowing their prized companion is built to last.


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SKU: 1617


Introducing our No. 1617 Field Notes Notebook Cover – the essential accessory for adventurous bikers. Made from premium leather, this cover protects your Field Notes notebook and doubles as a travel log, letting you capture every moment with style.

Designed for the spirit of adventure, this rugged yet elegant cover is your reliable companion on scenic routes and challenging terrains, safeguarding your experiences.

Write your thoughts, experiences, and discoveries in your leather-bound travel log. Enjoy your rides, knowing your Field Notes notebook is securely held in style. Join fellow bikers chronicling their journeys with our Leather Field Notes Notebook Cover – the perfect companion for your two-wheeled adventures.

Crafted from Wickett & Craig full-grain English bridle leather, this cover features four card slots, two interior pockets, and a lifetime guarantee. It includes one Field Notes Notebook and fits seamlessly into your back pocket (Dimensions when closed: 4″ wide x 6.25″ high), ensuring easy access wherever you go.


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