Leather Care and Maintenance

Our wallets are designed to be durable and stand the test of time when handled and maintained appropriately. Whether you’re using it for your everyday carry or during your travels, proper leather care and maintenance are essential to extend the lifespan of the leather.

Leather Care

Ensure the leather stays dry. In case of rain, snow, or excessive moisture exposure, promptly blot wet spots with a clean, white, dry cloth—avoid rubbing. Do not place the wallet near heat sources or in direct sunlight for drying. Never rest it on wet surfaces, as moisture from winter weather may contain harmful substances like ice melt or salt. Instead, blot with a slightly damp cloth and allow it to air-dry.

Effects of Wet Conditions on Leather:

Extended exposure to heavy rain can be detrimental to leather. If your wallet gets soaked, let it air-dry slowly on a flat surface to prevent drooping or wrinkling. Avoid placing it near heaters, radiators, or a clothes dryer, as excessive heat can damage the leather. When drying, consider stuffing the wallet with a dry cloth to maintain its shape and draw out internal moisture. Soaked leather may lead to the release of natural oils, causing dry-rotting. In such cases, the use of a natural balm lotion can restore softness and flexibility, but be aware that this may darken naked leather.

Proper Storage:

When storing the wallet for an extended period, clean it thoroughly and store it in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight or high temperatures. Avoid placing it near heat sources like radiators or furnace vents. Additionally, steer clear of areas prone to high humidity or mold, as they can damage the leather and reduce its lifespan.

Leather Care:

Regardless of the wallet’s origin, all leather requires proper care. To allow the leather to breathe, clean its pores periodically using a soft, clean, non-abrasive, white cloth. Gently wipe away any dust and dirt that may accumulate and clog the pores.